The area

The Nurra is flat and fertile area located at the northwestern end of the island. AND’ between the peninsula of Stintino, the Gulf of Alghero and Sassari, and is characterized by a varied landscape complexity, where alternate plain to hilly areas, the vineyards, mining areas, the nuragic villages until the descent, North, the blue sea of the beach of la Pelosa at Stintino or, South, the Cape of Capocaccia. In addition, pine forests dominate and typical Mediterranean species such as mastic, erica, Dwarf Palm, Strawberry tree, Myrtle. As regards the fauna, you found specimens of woodpeckers, Barn Owl, OWL, Nightjar. Particularly among mammals there are wild boar, the Hare and the Fox.
In large rural esplanades are traces of frequentation of the territory since Neolithic times in the Green cave burials, in a domus de janas necropolis Anghelu Ruju in Alghero, near the rows of wine House “Saddle and Moscow”, then to Santu Pedru and Calvia, the Nuragic complex of Palmavera and Santa Imbenia ’; offer testimony of Roman ’ the remains of several places that were built and the long Spanish domination the coastal towers built to defend the territory.
The scenery is enhanced by the presence in the Nurra in ’ only natural lake in Sardinia, to Baratz, harmoniously surrounded by high dunes that evoke the ’ marine origin. The towns are, with the ’ exclusion of Alghero Fertilia and, very small, but of great interest for their naturalistic peculiarities: I will mention someone,
Biancareddu, The Pedraia,
Palmadula, The Court, and the mining villages of’ Argentiera and Rogue, where until some time ago were exploited some leaden argentiferous lead ore and where today you can visit the ’ area, especially suggestive of ’ Argentiera, become geo-mineral Park near the sea.

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